Help Wanted

We are looking for people who can assist us with our BIG THREE!!


Becoming a Certified Adult Literacy Tutor is Easy with our online Laubach Way to Reading and English.

Courses can be completed at our office or in the comfort of your own home.

Support while you work to complete your certification and during the first several months of working with your first student is always a phone call away


In our lives we may meet people who struggle with reading and writing and want to assist them but don’t know how.

You can help them with the first step by having them contact The Northwest Reading Aides and we will assess their abilities and get them started on a new phase in their lives. You can help them open the door of literacy


Last but by no means least, we need financial assistance to keep our program free for all who want to learn to read. Covid had brought our program to a near halt but thanks to generous sponsors we were able to keep the doors opened.

We now want to get back to pre-covid numbers and can use as much financial help as possible. We are a small group that considers all donations as generous no matter the size

Northwest Alabama Reading Aides

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northwest Alabama Reading Aides is to provide individualized instruction in ESL, reading, writing and English language skills to adults 16 and over in our area empowering them to become self sufficient, health conscious, confident members of the community.


The Northwest Alabama Reading Aides aims to significantly decrease the number of illiterate adults in the Northwestern region of Alabama. Our program also strives to decrease unemployment rates by preparing individuals for the job application process. We hope to educate our students in a variety of ways by increasing reading levels and knowledge of basic technology.

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